o magnum mysterium

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this is my reference 
It’s part of the maleficent promo shoot
A very popular photo 
Many people drew it before me

Anonymous asked: What's your reference for the maleficent drawing?

I will post it

Modern art is stupid? Everyone could do it?

Let me introduce you to the art of Mark Rothko.

Marcus Rothkovich (later Mark Rothko) was born in Latvia September 1903. He died in February in New York City. Born into a Jewish family who had fled to the United States in 1913, Rothko got to know the modern art scene fairly early. He struggled to find his place in art. His various attempts on detailed figurative paintings can be considered to be not solid. Not special. Not very appealing maybe. After WWII, faced with the devastating realization of the whole impact of the holocaust, Rothko came to think differently. Why paint like an impressionist to entertain the easy side of people, so they will walk past a painting, say it’s very pretty, to then forget it and go on with their life. What does that give a person? Rothko discovered the power of color. His art speaks to the very soul in us. I want to ask you to put a Rothko painting on your computer screen or on your phone screen, just the painting, in full zoom, no browsers lines, nothing. Make sure everything around you is silent. Then just look at the screen held only enough from your nose you can still focus. Can you feel the pulsation? How each color touches something deeply inside you? Then turn the screen off, close your eyes. I am very sure you can still see and feel the painting before your inner eye. This is modern art. Art that is deeper than a painting of a flower in sunlight. Art about human emotion itself. Thank you for reading this. I hope someone will appreciate it.


Colored pencil drawings by me. :)  http://define-x.deviantart.com/

(via escape-to-art)


what a freaking headache this was
I got this far today and my brain is just DONE.

12 Years a Slave by Aline96

A few WIP photos of my progress so far

Headpiece almost done :D
Uploading a new photo every 30 minutes 
I myself can’t believe it’s working !!!
Colored pencils are much more fun than graphite
Magnetoby MaryRiotJane
michael fassbenderby MaryRiotJane